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Baking Spelt Bread–A Form of Meditation

June 30, 2010

It’s a hit! I can make bread! I learned a recipe from my dear friend Mary Ann O’Brien for a tasty, hearty yeast-free, spelt bread that is sure to be loved without sending your glycemic index up. Very easy, too! Can be egg-free for those who do not eat eggs.

Spelt Bread
2 cups of spelt flour (found in many supermarkets these days)
1/3 cup water, approx
1 tsp Baking Soda
3/4 cup of muesli or nuts/raisins/seeds–whatever suits your fancy
1/2 tsp of sea salt
1 egg OR 2 Tbsp olive oil.
Put all ingredients into bowl and mix with a wooden spoon. Dough should be somewhat wet and should be sticking together. If not, add one more Tbsp of water.
spread dough evenly into a baking pan. Bake for 30 minutes in a 150C oven. Serve warm.
Tastes great with avocado and a slice of tomato and sprinkle of sea salt! Experiment with different seeds, nuts, dried fruits. You can add more than 3/4 of a cup for extra chunky bread.
TIP: Use a non-stick cooking liner in the bread pan for easy bread removal!

This is a simple recipe, but I find when I do it, I just feel so good. I think about how healthy and tasty it will be, how Andy will enjoy it, I’ll enjoy it, my guests will enjoy it. It’s like a little meditation for my soul. Enjoy in good health!


Feeling groovy!

May 1, 2010

I am feeling GREAT! Wow. It’s so great to have ENERGY! My brain is clear. I lost 5 pounds! A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend an alkalinity retreat with Dr Robert O Young in Egypt. As we cruised along the Nile, Dr Young taught us the principles of leading a healthy, vibrant life. The COWS diet he declared! Huh?
C = Chlorophyll/Clay i.e., lots of greens, and don’t just eat yoru greens, green powder, Drink your greens. chew them until they are basically juice.
O = Oxygen and Oil–100 mil per oil/day, avocado, coconut oil, hemp, flax, olive oil, NO cooking of oils!
W = Water = pure alkaline ionized structured water
S = Salt and Sunshine and Sweat: pHour Salts, Seas, Real Salts, strengthen bones and muscles, Exercise.
WOW!! We had a week of his coaching and now it’s time for me to go go go!
I’ll let you know how it goes along the way! In the meantime, check out Dr Young’s website