Simple way to start a wave of good health

My quest for health has taken me around the globe–cleanses in Fiji, California. Seminars in NYC and NJ. I’ve listened to Tony Robbins, David “Avocado” Wolf, Joseph McClendon, Dr. Young, Dr. Mercola, German New Medicine, just to name a few. I’ve read books like pH Miracle, Fit for Life, Unleash the Power within, and lots and lots of others. I’ve come to the conclusion, that health begins and ends in your head and heart. You have to believe that you are healthy and that you can heal yourself before you actually can. If you think poisonous thoughts, your body is poisoned and cannot heal as well as it should. We’ve seen evidence over and over again of this. Stress is poison. And, the opposite, people who literally laughed their way out of diseases like cancer. So take a minute to think about what you can do right now to put yourself in a healthier place. What is it? SMILE. A simple smile elevates your mood and gives you a better place to make decisions from, take action from, and just to enjoy your day more. Give a smile to a friend and you can start a wave of health around the planet!


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